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Alcyone (& Asterope)

Alcyone (& Asterope)

Balinese (long coat) :: Female :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Coat:Long hair Bicolor
Color:Brown (Mostly)
Location:Herndon, VA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Children
  • Housebroken
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Fancy Cats Rescue Team
    PO Box 182
    Herndon, VA 20172
    (703) 961-1056

    A bit more reserved than her sister Asterope, Alcyone is a very loyal and loving kitty once she has had time to warm up. She likes to meet people on her own terms, but once she has met you, she will bother you to offer your lap and give her those oh-so-good scritches above her tail. She has even been known to reciprocate by licking your arm if you find just the right spot on her chest or shoulders to scratch! She likes to sleep in the bed as well, though her sister has always been the dominant cat and so she must “ask permission” sometimes.

    She particularly likes men and older boys -- while she still lived with growing boys, she would often be found sleeping in their dirty clothing. She used to have a daily routine of napping on the chest of someone sleeping on the couch, as well, if they didn’t move around too much!

    She is a sturdier cat than her sister Asterope, with some of the classic beautiful balinese features -- a well-shaped face; lovely body lines; dark points on nose, ears, legs, and tail; fluffy pantaloons (as I think of them). Her eyes are a shocking blue, and when she wants something (like a space next to you on your chair, or a window opened with a screen to look through), they will light up to the most vibrant shade and she will fluff her tail up into a beautifully feathered question mark.

    She has been an indoor cat to one family her whole life, with short (ten minutes or so) supervised excursions outdoors. These have convinced her that she is a Fierce Wild Kitty, which she is not, but she does love to look out windows and screens and has in the past even caught a couple of house mice (!). She also likes to make rounds of the available windows in the mornings; she seems quite in the rhythm of being a cat. She is slightly persnickety as a result; she has been known to growl with displeasure when e.g. going to the vet, or made to come inside before she is ready. She is not, however, one of those cats who likes to play by biting and scratching, though she does love to play with feather wands and other toys!

    Her health is generally good, though she is on daily medication for high blood pressure, which she does not feel that a Fierce Wild Kitty should have to take. That said, she has been taking her pills, and her medication can be compounded into a liquid (much easier to use).

    With her sister, she unfortunately lost her owner suddenly to cancer and needs someone loving to offer her a place. She has been alright with older children and a busy household in the past, though her house has been quieter in the last few years. She is a bit cranky about new cats, or even her sister after a vet visit, so it is not clear how well she would get along with a cat besides her sister Asterope.

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