March 31, 2020

Holiday Greetings to CTDR members, supporters, and fellow dachshund lovers,

As we come close to ending another year within CTDR, let's take a moment to review 2019 at a glance.

We are pleased to report that year to date, we have 108 completed adoptions at this time with more on the way. We have an intake number of 125 dogs so far, and sadly, as history has proven, there will be more dogs in need as the holidays approach us. Our current expenses, year to date, stand right at $ 105,159 which is a substantial increase from 2018 which fell at $ 79,654. Why? For one thing, 2019 has taken in 25 more dogs in need than last year at this time. May and July especially hit us hard with 20 and 23 intakes respectively. Of these, the majority of them needed, at the very least, vaccinations and heart worm treatment while others underwent surgeries and major dentals just to reach the point of being available for adoption. Next, there are 10 dogs that we would like to highlight that needed the most acute care necessary for survival, and in turn, brought in the most expenses. They all have their own unique stories so let's begin:

Sissy - $ 7482.65
This senior female was surrendered to a local shelter along with her best friend Boo Boo. CTDR was contacted and it was discovered that she had multiple mammary tumors that needed to be surgically removed as well as spaying and vaccinations. In June, she had a very extensive surgery to remove kidney stones. The surgery was risky because of her age and body condition; however she would not have survived without it. She remains available for adoption.
Chalino - $ 7010.30
This guy was brought in by CTDR after being hit by a car and dropped off at a local shelter. He suffered multiple injuries including a fractured hip, two pelvic fractures, and a hernia. After a long road of surgeries and rehab, it was then that he accidentally jumped out of a car and had to have back surgery as well. Chalino is currently pending adoption.
Sasha Fierce - $ 6529.72
This sweet girl entered CTDR in 2018 and continues her recovery in 2019. She was surrendered to a local shelter unable to use her back legs. CTDR immediately got her to a specialty hospital where she underwent back surgery for IVDD. Unfortunately, in August, her back ruptured a second time and she had to undergo an additional surgery. Today, she continues to recover and goes to rehab weekly in hopes of regaining the use of her back legs. She is a real trooper and makes progress every week.
Berkeley - $ 3159.15
CTDR was contacted about this boy in an emergency situation. He was found lethargic with very labored breathing. He was stabilized at one of our clinics and then moved to a specialty hospital for intensive care. Within several months after several cardiac workups, he bounced back and was able to go through heart worm treatment successfully. He has since been adopted by his fosters.
Boone - $ 3086.55
This gent came from a local shelter in Austin. When CTDR took him in, he was extremely underweight. After further testing, it was discovered that he had several large kidney stones including one that was blocking his urethra. He went through surgery, but the damage was already done. Boone has been adopted by his foster and will need to be on a kidney diet for the rest of his life.
Bailey - $ 2984.63
This beautiful girl came to CTDR down in her back and unable to use her back legs. She has had surgery and is currently in rehab and underwater therapy. She is still unable to walk, at this time, but it is still early in her recovery. She has a long road ahead of her, but she is a fighter.
Robin - $ 2800
This senior girl was found on the streets of Dallas and taken to a shelter. CTDR was contacted, and we took her in without hesitation. She was evaluated and found to have several mammary tumors that needed to be removed and was also in need of spaying. Robin has completed her surgeries and is available for adoption.
Cricket - $ 2553.42
This young girl was found on the streets of Taylor and taken to a local shelter. When CTDR was contacted, she was suffering from a terrible skin condition. Today, she remains on a continuous regime of antibiotics and steroids while our vets try to get to the root cause of her disease.
Boo Boo - $ 2551.68
This senior fella was surrendered to a local shelter along with his best friend, Sissy. He had to have extensive dental surgery which included the extraction of 17 teeth. He has had all of his vaccinations and is available for adoption.
Peter Parker - $ 2225.78
This boy came to CTDR heart worm positive and in need of treatment. For unforeseen circumstances, he remained in boarding throughout his treatment which increased his costs unexpectedly. He is currently available for adoption.

We continue to make ourselves visible in the community and maintain our relationships while keeping our eyes open for new ventures as they arise.

We participated in local events such as the recent Pet-Toberfest where CTDR hosted the weiner dog races, and in July, co-hosted National Hot Dog Day along with Phydeaux and Friends.

We also have several fundraisers that are close to our heart such as the Buda Weiner Dog Races in April, Amplify Austin, and Paws for the Cause that was set up to help with medical bills we acquired by the overwhelming intake of sick and abandoned doxies over the summer.

With 2020 in sight, it is important to recognize that it will be the 20th anniversary of CTDR existence. Can you only imagine the number of dogs that we have given a second chance at life over 20 years? This is an accomplishment in and of itself that we should be proud of and honor; something that shows the dedication and devotion that this organization is so blessed to have. CTDR is known as being one of the top rescues in Texas and we take pride in that. As the saying goes, "It takes a village" and we have just that - a strong group of volunteers that dedicate their time and hearts to perform a range of duties from reviewing applications, transporting and retrieving, fundraising, and fostering to name a few, and a solid leadership that are depended upon to make the best decisions in the name of the rescue. This combination of people help keep this rescue organization viable and able to do what our sole purpose is: to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dachshunds giving them a second chance at life.

As you know, being a 501c3 Non-profit Organization, this makes CTDR depend solely on donations, adoptions, fundraiser events throughout the year. While all of that is important and helpful, we struggle often to maintain a sufficient budget that keeps our mission obtainable. Any contributions that you can give are invaluable and appreciated. Without our donors, like you, laying the foundation with your generosity, we would be non-existent.

Donations can be made via our website at or mailed to:

    7544 FM 1960 Road East #71
    Humble,TX 77346

On behalf of the CTDR Board, we thank you for your continued support of this organization and our efforts to save our dachshunds and give them a second chance at life. We wish you the happiest of Holidays to all!

In gratitude,

CTDR Board of Directors

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