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Serena 0316
Serena 0316

German Shepherd Dog (medium coat) :: Female :: Senior

Pet ID #:0316
Location:Leesburg, VA

Additional Info:
  • Has Special Needs

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue Inc
    P.O. Box 764
    Stephens City, VA 22655

    Update:  Serena has a very aggressive cancer and we are looking into treatments.

    Serena 0316 is aged to perfection! She does well with kids, cats, and other dogs. She's a mellow senior girl, with a heart of gold. She enjoys going on daily walks, but spends most of her time lounging around on her dog bed while in the house. She's got a friendly and trustworthy temperament. We have not seen any food aggression. Serena is house trained. 

    Her bloodwork results came back good for her age. She is soon to be spayed, and has a mammary mass that will be removed Tuesday 10/24/2017. We will send another update as soon as we know the lab results. 
    Possessiveness: Have not observed with other dogs. We haven't seen any possessiveness toward humans.

    Touch/Handling: Does well with touch/handling. She does well with grooming and nail clipping. She is a bit touchy when clipping nails on hind feet, but allowed us to clip them. She has some missing and decayed teeth, and pulls away when trying to view inside her mouth, but shows no aggression.  

    Food: No food aggression observed with humans. Has not been observed with other dogs. She currently gets a combination of wet and dry food, combined with bone broth and supplements to help with her skin and joints.

    Correction: Currently working on leash pulling. Serena 0316 pulls hard while walking on leash, and must be walked by an adult who can handle her size. 

    Dominance: She does not exhibit any dominance issues in regards to humans. She will at occasionally cower submissively when approached by my husband or myself, but that seems to be less and less. We have not had the opportunity to observe with other dogs off leash, but we did not see any issues on-leash.

    Interaction with other dogs: Has met other dogs while on leash walking through the neighborhood and did very well. Have not observed with other dogs while off leash. 

    Interaction with other animals: Is fostered with and does well with our cat. Also fostered with 2 small animals, she shows a lot of interest in our caged rodents, but hasn't shown any aggression toward them. 

    Car ride: Does well. 

    Crate:  Serena cowers when she is asked to go into her crate, as well as when she comes out of her crate. Once in the crate she does well, but will whine. Serena has some missing and misaligned teeth, the vet stated that sometimes this can be caused by the dog being caged and biting at the cage repeatedly. We aren't sure if this is the case with Serena, but it is a possibility. 

    We are proponents of crating, and crated Serena initially. Serena is the only dog here, foster mom only works part time. In Serena's case, after getting a good feel her temperament and habits, we have been leaving her out of the crate while away and she has done well. This is highly situational, and may not be the best case depending on the family, other animals, and living situation in the home that she is adopted into.

    Please review our adoption process, if interested Donations can be made at or on PayPal to

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