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Sheba 0725
Sheba 0725

German Shepherd Dog (medium coat) :: Female :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:0725
Location:Annandale, VA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Children
  • House trained

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue Inc
    P.O. Box 764
    Stephens City, VA 22655

    Hi there. I'm Sheba. I was picked up as a stray in Texas in July and brought to my foster home at the end of October. I am spayed and have never been pregnant so I was likely not a stray for very long.  I am heartworm positive, but will be treated by SSR  

    I had an interesting first 24 hours with my new foster dad. He picked me up from the nice ladies who drove me all the way from Texas to Virginia and took me straight to a place where I got a bath. I was very good for my bath and allowed him to do all the things that he had to do to get me "clean". I thought I was just fine the way I was but the warm water was nice. I then met the 2 owners of the house, Duke who is a German Shepherd like me and Lily who is a Border Collie mix. They smelled Ok, I guess. I did not pay too much attention to them. I then had a look around the house. While I was doing that my foster dad got some food for me which I ate really quickly. He says I am "overly enthusiastic" when I eat and I try to see what is on the kitchen counters a lot, but I am just really hungry and it is hard to get over not knowing when your next meal will be. I slept in a crate all night and was so tired, I did not fuss at all.

    I then went for a walk around the block. It was a nice walk and I just followed my foster dad. I don't usually pull on the leash but sometimes when I see a squirrel or fox or deer I want to chase them. I don't try too hard to do that because my leash and collar stop me and I don't want to pull too hard. 

    In the morning I went to the vet. I was very good for the doctor and let her do all the things she needed to. I did not complain at all.

    I sometimes chase my tail and chew on it. I also have a bit of a hotspot on my back but that is clearing up. We are going to ask about my tail, though. I have chewed through much of the hair there.

    I always like to be with my foster dad but sometimes he puts me in a crate. That is ok but I don't like it when I hear him but can't be with him. I try and jump around in my crate and make noises so he will come get me out. If he does not then I will stop after 5 minutes or so. I am good with being in my crate at night and when he goes out, though.

    I understand a few of the words dad uses to ask me to do things. I know sit, stay (although for these I usually will expect a treat at some point), and come. There are others but he has not figured them out and I am surely not going to tell him what they are. Gotta make him work for it. I have gotten along well with my foster brother and sister so far. I have met dogs when we walk and they have seemed nice. I am not sure how I feel about cats but if they run I will chase them so dad does not think I would be good with them.

    A couple of days after I got to Virginia there was something called Halloween. Not sure what that was but dad and I sat outside while a bunch of strange small people came up to the house. Dad said I was very well behaved and I let a lot of them pet me. There were some really small ones, too.

    My foster dad tells me I am nice to have around and once I figure out that I will never have to worry about eating so I am not so enthusiastic about my food (and treats) and stop counter surfing, I will be a really awesome family member.

    If you want to see more about my day to day progress, click this link It will take you a web page called "Trello" where you can read more about me and see pictures.

    If you want to contact my foster dad about me, he gave me my own email address. It is

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