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Domestic Short Hair (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Location:Herndon, VA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Fancy Cats Rescue Team
    PO Box 182
    Herndon, VA 20172
    (703) 961-1056

    Hi! My name is Lucky. I am a white domestic short hair boy cat with distinctive black markings on my head and back and a black tail, and I am looking for a new home. I am healthy and my shots are up to date and I even had my teeth cleaned recently!

    My last person originally adopted me from Fancy Cats and even though she loves me like crazy and calls me her best bud she sadly had to return me to Fancy Cats - she has to move to another state now and find a new job. Won’t you please consider adopting me?

    Here are some things that I hope will make you love me -

    Not only do I have a great personality I am also a very handsome boy! I think I have a happy-go-lucky, carefree attitude about life. I like to know what’s going and be where the action is. Sometimes when dinner is on the stove I jump onto the very top of the kitchen cupboards so I can keep track of things. I love sitting on a high cat tree, especially one near a window, but I also like to have a comfy bed on the floor to call my own. Even though I am in indoor cat I enjoy sitting on a screened porch in the sunshine and watching the birds and squirrels.  Like many cats, I also like to climb inside boxes, but they have to fit me just right. If you give me one that doesn’t fit I just might make it fit by biting off the sides! I’m silly that way. I also love a good fitting basket to sit in.

    Even though everyone knows I am just a cuddly baby, I would prefer to be considered the alpha male of the house.  I have a tendency to play a bit rough, (although I don’t realize it) so very timid cats might consider me a threat, but I like to play, and seriously, I just want to have a good time. I kind of think I might enjoy being the only cat in the house, but I can tolerate others. I am not used to being around kids and dogs much at all so I am not sure how I would like that, but in general I like being around people.

    For dinner I like my canned turkey Wellness the best and I like to snack on a healthy dry food, maybe a bit too much because I am a teeny bit chubby right now. I am not very fond of fishy food. Sometimes I eat all of the food at mealtime so the girl cats in the house cannot have any and then all that extra food comes right back up, so you don’t want to let me eat too much. LOL!  Temptations treats are the only treats I like, and then only if you throw them across the room for me to catch. That is a lot of fun. Sometimes I catch them before they fall to the floor! It is also fun to run from one end of the house to the other, jumping on the windowsills and giving loud meows! I also lovvvve me some catnip!

    Once I trust you I love to head butt and snuggle. I can purr really loud. I like to sleep on the end of your bed at night, and sometimes when I get lonely I like to snuggle up really close.  I can be very snuggly, and then other times I just want to sleep by myself. There are just so many interesting things to learn about me - please come and meet me and consider making me your forever friend! Love always, Lucky.

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