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Pomeranian (long coat) :: Female :: Senior

Location:Irvine, CA

Additional Info:
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Southern California Pomeranian Rescue
    14252 Culver Dr. Suite A,281
    Irvine, CA 92604

    Starlight 8-9 yrs 8lbs

    Starlight came to our rescue through our compassion program where we will house dogs for people in dire need of help. We have not heard from her family in quite some time and feel it best to find her a new home. She came to the rescue with Bingo and Oreo.  

    STARLIGHT is an 8 year old black female, 8 lb POMERANIAN with very soft, silky fur. She’s a friendly girl who is submissive and as sweet as they come. Potty trained to go outdoors and holds it all night long with no accidents. She enjoys going for walks and is good on a leash. Starlight loves to cuddle, to be petted and receive belly rubs. She is content to be right there beside you and makes a wonderful companion. She’s a good watch dog but does not bark excessively or when left alone. She likes to “talk” to you with low quiet growls and is outstanding at reading your facial expressions.


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