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German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat) :: Female (spayed) :: Young

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:Matilda
Location:Huger, SC

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Children
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Furlife German Shepherd Rescue
    221 Blueberry Hill Ln
    Huger, SC 29450
    (843) 225-6188

    Matilda came to us from Berkeley Animal Center. She came in with another male German Shepherd.  She is said to be Purebred but she is pretty small. She could be just a small female but I can not say for sure that she is Purebred so we are listing her as a mix.  

    Her previous owner unfortunately had both her and the male pair for breeding purposes only. She had a pen set up in her yard for them to live in.  As the two shepherds started to get older, she realized they were too much for her to handle and care for.  She contacted the shelter to come and pick them up and they couldn't pick them up. SO... The lady turned the dogs loose and a neighbor called Animal control about dogs running at large.  The animal Control officer immediately recognized the dogs and loaded them up in her truck and took them back to the home.  When the AC officer got to the house she saw that the family had already purchased two different dogs and had kennels set up for the "new breeding dogs".  So the AC officer fined the owner and took the dogs back to the shelter.

    Matilda is a very high energy female and needs a home with a Shepherd Experienced family.  Because of her energy level we recommend a family with older children only.  

    With proper exercise Matilda would make an amazing family dog.  She has a working drive and would thrive with being given a job or put into a training program!

    If you are interested in a working dog that thrives on work, please contact us!  Training dogs with energy drives like hers can be so much fun in the right situations! 

    Contact us to schedule a meet and greet with this beautiful girl! 

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