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German Shepherd Dog (medium coat) :: Male (neutered) :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:Glacier
Location:Huger, SC

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Furlife German Shepherd Rescue
    221 Blueberry Hill Ln
    Huger, SC 29450
    (843) 225-6188

    Glacier came to us from Fairfield County Animal Control. 

    The Animal Control officer contacted FGSR regarding Glacier and his friend, Aspen. They came in together.  I am not quite sure how they ended up at the facility. 

    His friend Aspen was showing signs of being very aggressive and Glacier was very shy and standoffish.  They shelter was very close to euthanizing them but FGSR asked them to give us time with them, we wanted to try and work with them.  We reminded them that German Shepherds do NOT do well in a shelter environment and sometimes will shut down or act out when they wouldn't normally. 

    Thank goodness these two babies ended up in the Fairfield County Shelter as they are one of the best shelters we have ever worked with.  They truly love their dogs and they truly want to see them get out and into a safe situation.  We have an amazing working relationship and they know how we work with our dogs.  SO, they agreed and we are so thankful that they gave us the opportunity to pull both dogs and not euthanize them.  

    As SOON as they got here neither Glacier nor Aspen showed ANY signs of aggression.  I was able to work with both of the dogs!  

    NOW... Onto Glacier! 

    Glacier is very shy and needs time to adjust to situations and people. We aren't sure of their past but it appears they were abused.  Given time, Glacier comes out of his shell and he becomes playful and friendly.  He Started playing with a ball for the first time a week ago (week of January 14, 2019). We are looking forward to seeing his personality come out more and more and we would just LOVE to see that happen in a home that he can call his own!

    Glacier is looking for a home where someone is wiling to give him the time and space he needs to really come out of his shell.  NO small children and only older children/teens that will respect him. Preferably in a home with maybe an older couple that has a fairly quiet home. He could possibly live in a home with another female dog.  We are not sure about males, we haven't tried to introduce him to another male but he came in with a female that he really looked up to.

    There MUST be a home out there with a family or a person that has a quiet home. Someone that is just looking for a companion dog for them to keep them company. That would be IDEAL for this sweet boy! He needs to have a chance at a loving family just like everyone else!

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