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German Shepherd Dog (medium coat) :: Male (neutered) :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:Bradley
Location:Huger, SC

Additional Info:
  • Good with Children

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Furlife German Shepherd Rescue
    221 Blueberry Hill Ln
    Huger, SC 29450
    (843) 225-6188

    Bradley came to us around 3AM one night with his female friend, and bonded mate, Missy.  

    We received a call from a Good Samaritan.  She was driving down a highway around 1AM and there on the side of the road were these two babies.  Her headlights caught their eyes and she hit the breaks, afraid that she was going to hit them.  

    As she walked over, with her headlights facing them, they noticed at the edge of the woods was a big 50lb bag of food, cut open on the top with some dumped out on the ground around it.  She couldn't believe what she was seeing.  There was NOTHING around her, just all woods and a very rural area.  The dogs were SO VERY thin and poor Bradley had almost NO fur on him! Missy looked a little better. Not as thin and had a little more fur.  But the Good Samaritan also noticed that Bradley refused the food and wanted Missy to have it. He would take treats from them, only to give them to his companion, missy to eat. 

    Desperate as she could not take them home with her, she contacted our group at 1AM and of course, we said to bring them on! 

    Once they got here we immediately started our medical treatments on both of them.  Missy is looking AMAZING now but Bradley, because he was in such bad shape, still has a little ways to go. His coat has come back almost all the way. he only has a small section on his lower back/between his hip bones that still needs to grow back in, but its trying to grow back.  For a while we didn't know if the fur in the lower part of his back WOULD grow back, but, its coming along!

    He is almost back up to the weight he should be at.  He still has a little ways to go but he's very close!

    His personality, despite what he has been through is just amazing.  He is so sweet and thrives for attention.  We are unsure how he is with cats and we would love to be able to place him with his friend, Missy-especially after everything they have been through together.  I am not sure how they would do with other dogs. We know Missy is ok with other dogs, but we haven't tried to introduce Bradley with other dogs as of yet. 

    I would Love to see these two go to a home where they could be the only dogs and in one family together.  They deserve to have a family to call their own, together!

    They don't require a lot of exercise! They are more than happy to just hang out and lay at your feet!


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