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Biscuits and Lurker
Biscuits and Lurker

Siamese (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Davis, CA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Yolo County SPCA
    P O Box 510
    Davis, CA 95617
    (530) 902-6264
    bonded siamese brother pair

    What are their color descriptions?

    Apple head seal point Siamese with traditional markings and coloring – dark brownish/grey face, feet and tail. Lighter brown/grey body, blue eyes.

    Please describe their personality, likes or dislikes.

    Lurker: Shy and extremely cautious. He likes to spend his day hidden under chairs, beds or behind a sofa but will come out for love and heavy petting any time of the day, especially at night, to calm and stationary people. Recently he has become more adventurous and is meowing when seeking attention. He really enjoys rubbing his head and body up against your head while you sit on the couch and likes full body pets or scratches to the face and neck. Currently, Lurker does not like to be held and sudden movements can send him back into hiding.  

    Biscuits: Similar to his brother, Biscuits is on the shy side but is much more adventurous and every morning finds his way to our bedroom up on the bed for intense loving. He adores belly rubs and he face scratched. He is also not a fan of being picked up but is much more tolerable and will sit in your lap for petting if you are stationary and calm.

    Are they bonded or do you think they can be slit up?

    Lurker and Biscuits are from the same litter and have been together since birth, they are bonded and should be adopted together.

    Are they okay with children? 

    They have spent the last four years with young children, and the erratic loud movements send the cats into hiding. With that said, they will still allow my 5 and 4 yr old to pet them in our bedroom in the morning. Ideally they would be with older children that understand the cats don’t like quick movements.

    Are they okay with other cats?

    Yes, they lived with our other Siamese until his passing and all got along great.

    Have they been exposed to dogs?

    Yes, we had a dog when they came to our home. They often would either be chased or attempt to chase our dog from time to time.

    Are they neutered? Yes.

    Have they been declawed? No.

    Are they allowed outside? They have never been outside and don’t show any interest.

    What brand food do they eat? Both wet and dry?

    The bulk dry cat food from Costco. They were on Nutro Max but seemed to vomit frequently – they are fast eaters. They have constant access to a full dry food bowl daily. Anytime they have eaten cat treats or wet food they have vomited.

    Do they have any special dietary needs?

    Not to my knowledge.

    Do they have any known health issues?

    Biscuits has recently been to the vet (within 3 months) due to worms. He received a healthy check and is all current on shots. He has a fatty glob on the front of his neck but checks out healthy. Lurker has not been to the vet since he joined our home. He will need updated shots that we are happy to pay for.

    When was their last vet check?

    Biscuits within last 3 months. Lurker I am not sure.

    How much does each weigh?

    Biscuits is about 12-13lbs and Lurker is about 8-9lbs

    Do they have any litter box issues?

    When originally brought to our home they used the litter box regularly. This was the case when they were living in their prior home. Recently, one of them has been pooping outside the litter box, we are not sure which one. Sometimes it is right outside the litter box and sometimes it is behind the couch right outside the closet door that the litter box is kept in.

    Do they like to play?

    Sometimes. They like to chase and chew paper and occasionally play with string. They use their cat tree regularly and often chase each other around during night time.

    Do they like to be held or be in your lap?

    As noted before, holding them is not their preference. Biscuits has more tolerance for it. If they self select to be in your lap they are happy, but they often will not stay in your lap if placed there.

    Do they like to sleep with you?

    Yes they like to come and sleep on the end of the bed and sometimes up near me, not my husband. 


    *This is a courtesy listing and we will on applications to the current owners.


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