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Domestic Short Hair / Tabby (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Location:Davis, CA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Yolo County SPCA
    P O Box 510
    Davis, CA 95617
    (530) 902-6264
    Bonded Pair
    • Saturday, April 01, 2017
      • Kids
      • Dogs
      • Cats
      • my foster loves everyone
    • Colby is a male, brown with white, ticked/mackerel tabby, domestic short hair born around April 1, 2017. He has a unique coat pattern:ticked-tabby body with faint, fine herring-bone stripes, mackerel-tabby striped legs, and white socks/chest/belly. He also has a lighter-colored, diamond-shaped mark between his shoulder blades.
    • Colby is a lithe, agile, intelligent, persistent, very lovable and affectionate cat. He is fast, athletic, and energetic. He needs space to run and surfaces to climb. Colby is very curious about everything and typically overcomes any initial hesitation fairly quickly, even taunting the vacuum cleaner. He loves any type of box or bag and just about any type of toy. His absolute favorite toy is a fishing pole toy with fuzzy strips and feathers from the Dollar Tree, and he plays with 300% effort. He will bring this toy to you and keep ringing its bell when he wants you to play with him. Colby is also very affectionate and is easy to cradle in your arms when he's in a mellow mood. When he wants to cuddle he will sometimes stand on his hind legs and extend his arms so you will pick him up. Then once he’s pet, he will get overwhelmed with ecstasy and purr very loudly. Sometimes he will climb on your shoulders and just hang out there.When he’s feeling especially frisky, he will shake his tail until you pet him.
      He is no-fuss when it comes to the litter box, is a catnip-responder, and is a champion groomer of himself and other cats. He is very good about using the cat tree for scratching, not the furniture. He chases, wrestles, and sleeps a lot with Blue. He is bonded to Blue and it would be best if they were adopted together since they were fostered together as kittens and have never been separated. He used to live with another adult cat and loved him as well. He currently lives with a big cat friendly dog and loves to play with her.
      • Affectionate
      • Outgoing
      • Curious
      • High energy
      • Enjoys being groomed
      • Likes petting
      • Likes to cuddle
      • Enjoys being held
      • Playful
      • Bonded Pair
      • Any home
      • Any home
      • Lived successfully with other cats
      • Lived successfully with dogs



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