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Domestic Short Hair / Tabby (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Davis, CA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Yolo County SPCA
    P O Box 510
    Davis, CA 95617
    (530) 902-6264
    Bonded Pair
    Okay to live in a home with...




    Should NOT live in a home with.... none, my foster loves everyone
    Bio: Blue is a male, grey and frosty silver classic tabby, domestic short hair born around April 1, 2017. He is easily spooked by loud or unfamiliar sounds or people and hides under the bed. He quickly warms up to new people though so long as there is a trusted human with him. Blue is fairly active and plays with just about anything, particularly laser lights and pompoms. Playing with pompoms needs to be supervised, however, because he will start chewing on them until he pulls off little bits which he tries to eat. Pompoms are the one toy over which he will become territorial and growl if another interested cat comes within 1 foot of him (even his adopted brother, Colby) while he has one in his mouth. He is a catnip responder. He also likes to window-watch and is easily excited by leaves falling onto the ground or flitting about in the breeze. He can be very mischievious, especially in cahoots with Colby.
    Blue is VERY affectionate and will never turn down an opportunity for a head-rub. He will come when he's called and often nudges with his nose for head-rubs. He is always ready to purr for as long as you pet him! He likes to be carried but will be fidgety the whole time, usually preferring to wrap his forearms around your neck rather than hanging onto one shoulder or the other. He often likes to snuggle against you while you're sitting on the couch and sleeps on the bed at your feet. 
    Blue needs to have his food intake managed or he will overeat; he is meal-fed 2x/day and currently eats ~280 kcal/day to maintain. He typically finishes his meal in 2-3 sittings over ~30 min. 
    He is very good about using the cat tree or cardboard boxes for scratching, not the furniture, though he also likes to stretch up on the walls and often extends his claws on the downslide. He chases, wrestles, and sleeps a lot with Colby. He is bonded to Colby and it would be best if they were adopted together since they were fostered together as kittens and have never been separated. He used to live with another adult cat and loved him as well. He currently lives with a big cat friendly dog and loves to play with him.
    The best home to adopt me would be Have had 1-2 cats
    Experienced cat family
    The best home atmosphere would be Moderate activity
    This kitty has what sort of characteristics? Affectionate
    Likes petting
    Likes to cuddle
    Enjoys being held
    Shy at first
    Bonded Pair
    Other animals?

    Lived successfully with other cats

    May be best with other cats

    Must be adopted with another kitten or to a home with a resident cat

    Lived successfully with dogs

    must be adopted with his brother Colby


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    Please expect up to 3-5 business days to hear back once you have submitted an application.

    The Yolo County SPCA is a nonprofit foster home based organization located in Yolo County California.

    All of our felines have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, FeLV tested, and vaccinated prior to adoption. Kittens have received at least one FVRCP and adults are up-to-date on vaccines. The fee to adopt is $90 for kittens ($135 for a pair) or $60 for adult cats over 1 year ($90 for a pair).

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