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Terrier / Chihuahua (short coat) :: Male :: Baby

Location:Davis, CA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Yolo County SPCA
    P O Box 510
    Davis, CA 95617
    (530) 902-6264

    Meet Ferris! What a special guy. Ferris is an exceptionally happy, affectionate, friendly, and sweet-natured boy. While he looks and acts like a 1 to 2-year old dog, we know he is a puppy, about 6-months old, because his adult teeth are just coming in. Ferris has a face that makes him look like a Chihuahua, but his body is more terrier-like. At 15 inches high and 15 pounds, Ferris is already about twice as big as a typical Chihuahua. Ferris loves to meet new people. His tail wags constantly. He is so gentle, he would be great with children who can be gentle with him. Ferris is playful with other dogs (see video of Ferris playing:, although he is initially cautious with new dogs until he figures out they won’t hurt him. Ferris has met cats twice. Both times he barked at the cats but did not chase them. With a good introduction and supervision, Ferris should be fine living with a cat – he may even play with a willing cat. Ferris likes going on walks. He is alert, curious and enjoys exploring with his nose. He also likes to play in shallow water (see video: He walks pretty well on a leash, pulling when he wants to chase a bird or butterfly or get to an interesting smell. He is adorable when he is getting ready to go for a walk and plays tug with the leash of his walking companion (see video: Ferris loves to cuddle in laps and he will sit quietly. He also loves to play with balls, tug toys, and soft squeaky toys (see videos: and He will entertain himself by throwing a ball or toy in the air and then chase after it (see video of Ferris chasing after an oak ball: Although Ferris does sometimes act like a typical puppy (chewing up a toilet paper roll), he is often surprisingly calm and quiet. He has rarely barked at his foster home. Every day Ferris walks by bicycle riders, loud vehicles like motorcycles and garbage trucks, and dogs that bark at him. He pays attention but does not seem afraid and does not bark. Ferris has almost a perfect record of peeing and pooping outside. Until he settles in a new place, he cries when left alone but he has never been destructive. Ferris was found as a stray and no one has claimed him (their loss – he is such a terrific dog!).  If you think Ferris would be a great companion in your home, please fill out an online application at Thank you.

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