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Italian Greyhound (short coat) :: Female (spayed) :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:16-0051
Location:Richardson, TX

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue
    PO Box 852141
    Richardson, TX 75085-2141
    (469) 554-2530

    When we received Blossom, we knew that she'd had puppies very recently because she was still lactating and dripping milk, although those puppies were not brought in with her. However, was surprisingly friendly and sweet.

    She left her crate to visit with us, and when we sat on the floor with her, she would sit on our lap. Now, she is really flourishing. Blossom has learned how to play with other dogs, chew on bones and toys, and most importantly: relax!

    Blossom also enjoys being scratched and held. She is learning to always go by the door when she has to potty. She loves to socialize and run around the backyard. Her coat is shiny, she is alert, and she has gained weight; she is so much healthier. Occasionally, however, she has seizures. She pulls through them very well, and doesn't seem to have any lasting effects of those seizures.

    We brought in Blossom with Katy, another IG from the Texas 60. Blossom offers a lot of comfort for Katy, who is not as confident.  She is obviously very good with other dogs.

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