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Italian Greyhound (short coat) :: Female (spayed) :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:16-0052
Location:Richardson, TX

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Up-to-date with vaccines

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue
    PO Box 852141
    Richardson, TX 75085-2141
    (469) 554-2530

    Katy has made some huge steps since we brought her home for the first time. She wouldn't leave her crate for the first few days and would hardly eat. Her mouth was full of stitches after getting all but one tooth pulled. However, as the stitches dissolved, she began to take some bites of food. At first, she was struggling to keep food out of her nose, but now, she is a light, but great, eater and is even venturing into trying out hard food.

    Katy also recently learned how to take small treats from our hands; a huge feat for this timid girl! Slowly but surely, she is gaining more confidence. At first, she slept nearly standing up, like she was ready to bolt if anyone came close to her. We learned that she relaxed when we covered her with a blanket or T-shirt and began to sleep very peacefully.

    While she is still nervous about walking around and people coming near her, she conquered her fear of walking through the back door to come inside or go outside. Also, like Blossom, she is stretching her legs and enjoys running with our other dogs. Unfortunately she is still timid and nervous, although she is becoming more and more tolerant of people petting her, but holding is still very stressful for her. We are loving Katy's progress and her great strides towards gaining confidence.

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