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Franklin (GA)
Franklin (GA)

Rat Terrier (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:1860
Location:Athens, GA

Additional Info:
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines
  • Has Special Needs

  • Organization Contact Info:
    New Rattitude, Inc.
    Atlanta, ga 30341

    I'm Franklin, or Frankie to my friends and Handsome Little Prince to my close friends for obvious reasons. I'm a lean and tall 15 lbs. with about 8 years of mature manners. In addition to my good looks, I am well house-trained, crate trained, and a polite companion on walks. I am too humble to claim this myself, but I've been told I'm a doggy genius. I admit I'm a fast study when trained with positive reinforcement. I really want to be petted, but my neck hurts as I'm still recovering from a spinal cord injury there and sometimes I get inflammation down my back, too. I can get scared that hands reaching for me or dogs bumping into me will cause pain, so I may defend myself with a bite. Sometimes I make a screamy sound first, which works pretty well to make those scary things give me space, but I hope you can understand why I don't like to be surprised by touch, especially when I'm sleeping, or why I shouldn't be around kids or dogs who won't respect my space. Everyone who gives me space is my friend, and I like to meet new people and polite dogs. I live harmoniously with lots of small dogs but no cats, so my foster mom doesn't speculate how I might act around cats. I have cleverly devised a way to be petted safely by carefully rubbing my head under an offered hand, and I like to sit in the laps of trusted people. I love to play with soft toys and run and roll like a goofball, with human laughter making me even happier. I'm sensitive to raindrops touching me, but I've learned to run outside to pee anyway. I used to be afraid of the dark outside, but now I warn away what might be lurking in the shadows with my princely bark. Just a few barks here and there, nothing crazy--just enough to put random creatures on notice. Not to brag, but everywhere I go, women adore me. My foster mom says it's because of my lovably quirky personality and not just because I'm so debonair, which you can see in my photos at . I've done some traveling in my time, and I'm ready to settle down into my forever home to love gentle folks who understand me.

    Our adoption fee is $175 for adult dogs or $225 for puppies under 6 months old.

    If you are interested in adopting this dog, PLEASE READ THE DETAILED ADOPTION PROCESS information on our website at From there, you can access our adoption application or contact our Adoption Team for more info.

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