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Franklin (GA)
Franklin (GA)

Rat Terrier (short coat) :: Male :: Adult

Pet ID #:1860
Location:Athens, GA

Additional Info:
  • House trained
  • Up-to-date with vaccines
  • Has Special Needs

  • Organization Contact Info:
    New Rattitude, Inc.
    Atlanta, ga 30341

    Dapper gentleman Franklin is around 8 or 9 years old and a gracefully long-legged 15 lbs. He is well-mannered in and out of the house and is a joy to walk on a harness. Of course he is house-trained and crate trained. Franklin is a playful guy who enjoys catching soft toys and can be wound up into racing around the house and banking off of your thighs like a big rattie goofball. When he is interacting with his person, his usual quietude can be encouraged to give way to doggy versions of talking, singing, and even an impressively operatic howl. He is a lot of fun. He is also a clean fellow, who is careful to avoid mud puddles, stinky stuff other dogs roll in or eat, and whatever else may muss his natural tuxedo coat. He has learned to tolerate a drizzling rain long enough to pee and run inside for a treat. While Franklin will play with people and certain dogs and lives comfortably with five dogs, he is fussy about his personal space and will vocally remind dogs to give him room. A spinal cord injury in his neck and occasional back pain make him sensitive to touch and he had bitten people and dogs in defense before he was diagnosed. Because handling him requires patience and dog skills, he is not suitable for homes with children of any age. He has not been tested with cats. Franklin thrives in calm environments with gentle treatment. When he trusts you, he will offer you more communication signals and will work with you. To see more photos and video of charming and endearing Franklin, see .

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