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Californian / Satin / Mixed :: Male :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Portland, OR

Additional Info:

Organization Contact Info:
Rabbit Advocates
PO Box 14235
Portland, OR 97293-0235
(503) 617-1625

Cats? YES

He runs, he jumps, he stands on his back legs and stretches up into the sky. He's the Amazing Augustine. You may not think that is remarkable for a rabbit such as this, young and strong, but Augustine has had his fair share of hardships to overcome. He's a friendly, happy, chocolate brown boy who is looking for a home where he has space to exercise and someone who loves to pet him and tell him what a good boy he is. He is used to a lot of handling and interaction with people, and lives in a house with another bunny and a cat, though they don't really hang together. He loves to snuggle up and receive pets. 

Here's some other interesting and fairly amazing information. Augustine had a back injury that left him with a rounded lower back and what we thought would be serious ongoing movement and cleanliness issues. After he came into Rabbit Advocate foster care, he was lucky enough to have access to doctors and treatments that have turned his life around. His back is straighter and his movements are easier, though he does still need a little extra care. 

Sometimes he will leave little urine spots as he roams around; he can't help the leakage. He also receives monthly acupuncture. It will be important that his people are attuned to him and how he is doing and if there is anything he needs to remain his healthy easy-going self. 

Please check out Augustine's cute photos! Someone is going to be very lucky to have him as their bun. As a person who pet-sat Augustine told us: "I have never seen a bunny that loves being pet as much as Augustine does!"

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