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Charlotte (bonded to Jeffrey)
Charlotte (bonded to Jeffrey)

Bunny Rabbit / Mixed (short coat) :: Female :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:18-0849
Location:Portland, OR

Additional Info:

Organization Contact Info:
Rabbit Advocates
PO Box 14235
Portland, OR 97293-0235
(503) 617-1625

Charlotte is bonded to her brother Jeffrey.  They were rescued in September 2018 and are now about one year old.  Charlotte is a smart, curious, active bunny that likes to take the lead and explore.  Like most bunnies, she does not particularly like to be held, but tolerates it.  She would much prefer to jump in your lap while you are on the couch. Charlotte has good litter box habits, enjoys toss toys, and will meticulously place her toys in the water bowl if she gets bored.  She is also not bashful about letting you know when she wants more time out of her pen.  She will run circles in her pen.  She has been around an elderly cat and dogs.  Since Jeffrey and Charlotte are really active bunnies, the dogs and a younger house cat are not permitted to interact with them due to prey instinct that would likely result in chasing behavior.  Charlotte and Jeffrey need a home preferably with no dogs.  They are gentle bunnies but can be a bit skittish in new environments.  With a little patience these two rambunctious, adorable siblings will melt your heart. 

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