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Labrador Retriever / Mixed :: Male (neutered)

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Decatur, GA

Additional Info:

Organization Contact Info:
Southern Animal Volunteer Effort
Decatur, GA 30033

My name is Joey. You see, I was the "longest resident" at the shelter I was from. Months and months of being in a shelter with new dogs being thrown in my run. I was able to get along with everyone. 

We would have "clear the shelter weekends". All my friends would leave, and yet I would stay each and every time because no one would pick me. 

I think the reason is I am a little shy. I was caught in a trap, and brought into the shelter on a catch pole. The ladies at the shelter taught me how to walk on a leash, and I was on my way to learning to be a pet. 

When the shelter filled up, my name ended up on the dreaded LIST. You know the one. Being a shelter favorite, some of my friends reached out to SAVE to help me. They were so excited to help me!

I am still working on being shy. I also love being around other dogs. So much so that I am currently staying at a doggie daycare. I know that most people will want all my friends instead of me, but if you are that special person that is looking for someone to grow with, I am your dude!!


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Thank you so much!!

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