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Bunny Rabbit / Mixed (medium coat) :: Female :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:19-0091
Location:Portland, OR

Additional Info:

Organization Contact Info:
Rabbit Advocates
PO Box 14235
Portland, OR 97293-0235
(503) 617-1625

Evie was left in a small cage on a community member’s doorstep with no information about her origin. When no owner could be found, Rabbit Advocates was contacted and stepped in to help. Now, Evie enjoys her freedom and must have as much free-roaming time as possible in her forever home. She dislikes being locked in small spaces and can be a bit territorial about her "home base." She is no longer living in a cage, but she occasionally displays a bit of cage aggression, especially at feeding time. She gets very excited about food and will lunge, growl, and nip when food is being dished up.

When she is out and free-roaming, Evie will voluntarily jump into her foster provider’s lap to be petted and groomed. She will make a wonderful pet for the right home. She is quickly becoming one of her foster provider’s favorites, and her “talkative” vocalizations at mealtime are quirky and charming. Evie is approximately 7 lbs and believed to have been born around January of 2019.

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