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Dashing Dan
Dashing Dan

Bunny Rabbit / Lionhead / Mixed (medium coat) :: Male :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Pet ID #:19-0135
Location:Portland, OR

Additional Info:
  • House trained

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Rabbit Advocates
    PO Box 14235
    Portland, OR 97293-0235
    (503) 617-1625

    Prior to being rescued, Dan was housed in a tiny cage with a wire floor. When he arrived at his new Rabbit Advocates foster home and discovered his soft floor and blankets, he happily did binkies. Dan has also developed perfect litter box habits. He is still a bit protective about his space and will thump at times. Dan enjoys nibbling on pear and apple sticks. He likes being held, but may squirm at first. After he settles down, he likes to be petted and will tooth purr.

    Dan is a gentle rabbit who enjoys the company of the three girls in the pen next to him. It appears that he would like a lady bun partner. Would you like to meet Dan? Maybe introduce him to your lady bunny? Hop on over to our website and fill out an application at

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