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Logan - Regal Big Boy!
Logan - Regal Big Boy!

Great Dane / Mastiff / Mixed (short coat) :: Male (neutered) :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Bellevue, WA

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Children
  • House trained

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Saving Great Animals
    Bellevue, WA 98008

    What a darling and big boy! Meet Logan, so regal and loving. He is a handsome Great Dane mix. He is just 4, is ready to keep learning from you and join your pack!

    Here is all you need to know about this awesome boy!

    Logan is a very happy, energetic and outgoing dog. And yes he is big, however he still likes to cuddle, lay at your feet and even likes to be massaged by them lol. He also loves tummy rubs. He is well behaved and calm in the home. 

    He likes to sleep in our rooms and navigates freely around the house just fine. He is crate trained and potty trained.  He loves his crate, he takes majority of his naps in there, the gate stays open. Sometimes he prefers the crate over anywhere else in the house. The crate is closed when we leave. 

    He loves walks and playing in the yard. He is not suited for apartment living. He needs a secure yard with a tall fence. 

    Logan does great with older children. He is rather enormous so very small kids are easily knocked over.

    He is very smart! He knows plenty of commands and reads facial expressions, as well as hand gestures we use. He also learns very quickly.

    Logan is trained to wait on command in sitting, or laying position for food, with proper distance. He then waits for the command  " Go Eat!".  

    Here are some of the commands Logan knows: 
    Logan ...
     - Go Eat
    - Rollover
     - Sit 
     - Lay down
     - Back ( means back up, he will continue to back away as long as you ask him to)
     - Stop ( one hand out in stop/halt position)
     - Come
     - Down 
    -  Kennel
    - Drop it 
    - Wait 
    - Stay 
    - Clam
    - Quiet
    - Go inside 
    - Go outside
    - Release it ( if he picked something up )


    Logan tends to have sensitivities which cause itchy and flaky skin. A low fat Kangaroo based food works best for him.

    Logan likes to dance:

    If you are dancing, he might try to join in. In this instance, he might jump up or walk in circles around you. However- 
    To prevent jumping use commands of  "Sit" or, "Down", he wont jump at all.

    If Logan is crated, he will bark when people come into your home.
    He will quietly alert you if he hears to doorbell [ ears up and pacing to find you] and of unusual noises in the house. If he is not crated, he gets excited and will try to snuggle and sniff your guests.'

    He does pull on the leash, however once he gets his initial wiggles out, this improves a lot. He also understands 'no pull'. His leash walking can use some improvement. He can be be quite reactive to other dogs on the leash and will need his new person to work on this with him. He is a big strong boy so his handler needs to be steady on their feet.

    Cuddling has to win this one. He likes to go outside and run free, fetch with a stick, bones ( old yucky ones best), wallowing in the dirt in the yard, being talked to and feeling like he is apart of everything in the house by following you around. 

    Logan loves car rides but hates being left alone in the car. 

    Logan is vaccinated, chipped and will be fixed prior to adoption. His adoption fee is $395

    We cover the medical to prepare the pet for adoption and the adopt donations go directly to cover those costs and range from $295-$495.  Thank you for stepping up to save a life!

    To expedite to meet with this dog, please go to our site at and fill out an application. We look at the first applications to arrive, so we hope to hear from you soon!

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