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Border Collie / Mixed :: Male

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Fort Collins, CO

Additional Info:
  • House trained

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Until They're Home
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    (719) 819-4663

    Bentley is a 4 yr old NM dog mix. If we asked him, he'd probably identify as a Border Collie, but he was born in the body of a taller Border Collie. He is in introvert who enjoys time alone with his favorite human, pretending like he knows how to herd sheep, and biting people who seem suspicious.

    He will play a mean game of fetch, and really does a good job keeping the water that comes out of the hose from going where you planned.

    Bentley wants nothing to do with your kids. He's sick of hearing about them, stop talking about them.

    He will do fine with dogs, although he doesn't really like them. He is truly introverted. He will leave them alone if they leave him alone. But, if one of them tries to touch his tennis ball, he'll get a little toothy. He's not putting holes in anyone, but he'll run them off real good.

    Bentley doesn't care about cats. He recognizes that they don't properly get into a grouping and has given up trying.

    Bentley may be too cool for you. Some might call him a hipster, others call him aloof. He's just a careful guy who is way to smart to let your grubby friends touch him. So tell them not to try. Unless they are going for that "dog bit me" look with their jeans, then touch away. If you really want to get on his good side, give him some chicken and take him for a walk. He's good on a walk. None of this 'bark at everything as if it really matters' bs. Bentley is a cool cucumber, walking by dogs, kids, bikes alike without even noticing them. And pulling on the leash? Never. What's there to get so excited about?

    Bentley won't poop on your floor. He won't chew up your junk that you've worked so hard for, although he will judge your taste level. He is not throwing a fit when you go to work all day, in fact, he's ready for a break from your human antics.

    If you also like walks, like snuggling but not in a desperate way, and hate most people, Bentley might be the dog for you.

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