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Border Collie / Mixed (medium coat) :: Male :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Fort Collins, CO

Additional Info:
  • House trained

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Until They're Home
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    (719) 819-4663

    Introvert with crippling social anxiety seeking introvert...with or without crippling social anxiety, but it wouldn't hurt. 

    Bentley is a 5 year old, 50 pound dog type animal. He self identifies as a Border Collie, but he lives in the body of a slightly taller Border Collie. 

    Bentley doesn't like most people. He thinks people are loud, messy and have an annoying habit of attempting to molest him. He likes people who play hard to get, and give him chicken. If you do these things together, right in a row, he will likely decide that you are acceptable. Once this decision is made, he will grace you with nuzzles and snuggles, present you with toys and merrily sac out in your company. 

    If you have friends that come over, Bentley would prefer that you not expect him to be social. He likes to retire in his crate or an extra room with a good bone or novel. If you have friends that attempt to touch Bentley without the proper greeting ritual, Bentley will bite them. They will be fine physically, 'tis but a flesh wound that will not require medical attention. However, your friends' egos will likely suffer, Bentley has no regard for their feelings. He does not care that "all dogs love them". He is not some average golden retriever or lab, embarrassing  himself for the chance at a pat on the head. Despicable.  

    He is a very clean creature, he likes his things neat and tidy. He never makes a mess by chewing things or using the bathroom in the house. He is a perfect gentleman on the leash, none of this pulling or barking when he sees another dog, he is too sophisticated for that nonsense. 

    Bentley is not interested in your children. He doesn't want to meet them or hear about them. Stop talking about them. 

    He mostly treats other dogs with respect. Unless they attempt to approach something Bentley sees as his own, then he will give a dignified growl or lip curl as if to say, "watch it." 

    If you are looking for a quiet roommate who will silently judge everyone with you, and enjoy a good walk, run or hike, Bentley is your guy.

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