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Unknown breed :: Female :: Young

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Fort Collins, CO

Additional Info:
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Until They're Home
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
    (719) 819-4663

    Bobo needs new digs. She came into the shelter with a story that broke our hearts. The usual, people are mean, dogs are awesome and resilient, you've heard it. 

    I'm not gonna lie, Bobo has some baggage. She gets real freaked out, real quick, by almost everything. She'll pin her little ears on her head, back up and let out a couple of quick yelps at whatever she's nervous of. Then she'll run and hide behind her foster mom's legs. You know what though? She's been getting better and better every day! She'll take a yummy treat from you, and if you move slow, she'll even let you pet her within a few minutes.

    We've started Bobo on some happy meds to help her realize that the world isn't so scary. Every day she's getting better and better, and when she's in the house, with people she's comfortable with, she dogs it up! Loves the belly rubs, playing with her toys, snorring away right next to you on the couch.

    Bobo has done well with some dogs, but will also lunge and go after a dog if they get too close and she's scared. She's lived with an done well with cats.

    We are looking for the best spot to help Bobo build up her confidence, so, little kids might not be the best fit. Older kids would probably be ok as long as they go slow when first meeting her. It's been so exciting watching this dog's journey from scared of life to starting to really enjoy all of the doggy things. If you'd like a pup who will think that you are the best thing on the planet, look to you for guidance and love, Bobo might be your girl.

    If you are interested in this pup, please fill out our foster/adoption application here: and someone will be in touch with you shortly!

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