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Macaw :: Female :: Adult

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Fort Collins, CO

Additional Info:

Organization Contact Info:
Until They're Home
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(719) 819-4663


Meet Edgar! She is 26 years old.

Owning one of these birds is a huge responsibility!  They are messy.
  They make a lot of noise.  They cost  a lot for vet help.  They demand
a lot of attention.  They  live for 50-70 years.  Their bite is painful.
  Their destructive power is great.  They take a lot of room (for the
cage and to transport).  They require a bird shop or a good friend when
you are away;  you cannot leave them for an extended period (i.e. in
addition to obvious need of food and water, they need interaction). They
can be possessive and therefore intolerant of others (mine tries to bite
my husband and sometimes ends up biting me, not differentiating between
him and my shoulder, etc.)

On the good side:  they are loving.  They respond with affection
(preening).  They talk (minimally).  They learn tricks.  They are
attached to you.  They are wild animals that allow you to be next to
them and fascinate.

If you are an experienced bird owner and are interested in Edgar, please email to discuss!

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