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Italian Greyhound (short coat) :: Male (neutered) :: Young

Status:Available for Adoption
Location:Richardson, TX

Additional Info:
  • House trained

  • Organization Contact Info:
    Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue
    PO Box 852141
    Richardson, TX 75085-2141
    (469) 554-2530

    Since I've been in foster care I've learned so much.  My foster Mom tells me all the time that I'm the smartest boy she's ever met.  I am a very good listener and I love to learn new commands.  Anything my foster Mom asks of me, I'm sure to listen; especially if she gives me a treat.  I LOVE treats and being told that I'm a "good boy".  When my foster brother Dezi and I are out playing I love to do "zoomies".  I run SUPER fast and he can never, ever catch me.  He enjoys chasing me, but he'll never catch me.  I'm 100% house and crate trained.  I learned to ring the bell on the door when I want to go outside.  I'm such a funny goof ball, that even if the door is open, I will ring the bell and sit by the door until my foster Mom tells me I'm a good boy....hehehe

    I get along with all my foster siblings, even Chip "the grumpy old man".  He's 14 years old rat terrier and he is always grumpy.  I like to give the pups kisses all over their faces and even he can not resist my charm.

    I struggle a little when I meet strangers.  As long as they understand what I need and are patient I will come around and love them as much as I love my foster Mom.  It just takes me some time to make sure everyone is worthy of my love.  I am extremely lovable, and I enjoy being held, especially at night when things are quiet.  Since I need people who understand and can maintain an "predictable" environment, a household with children is not the place for me.  As much as I love to love them it's not a good situation for me.  All in all, I'm a super sweet guy that needs a family who can understand my needs.  In return I will fill your heart and home with love and joy.

    Rigby is not available for out of state adoptions nor will Rigby make a good apartment dog.  

    Rigby will need a stable, calm environment with little/no social interactions.  He must have a consistent, predictable and routine environment.  He does not do well with spontaneous interactions and is fearful of people and situations that are not familiar.  If he is faced with any situations that are fearful to him; he will respond with barking and/or lunging and nipping.  It depends on the situation. If the threat is removed quickly he will have the ability to recover more quickly.   If the threat continues, his threshold rises and he becomes more unpredictable and aggressive.  Introducing Rigby to people he does not know is a slow process which requires patience, understanding and time.  It may take him several meetings before he is comfortable with that person/situation. There are situations and people, that no matter how many times he encounters them, will always cause him to react in an undesirable manner.  He seems to adjust and feel more comfortable with women.  Not to say he is not capable of adjusting to men, it just seems to take longer for him to feel comfortable and trust them, if at all.  There are triggers that make him anxious and unpredictable; for this reason he is not able to be around children.

    Rigby's training consists of clicker training and positive reinforcement.  Always being rewarded for the desired behavior. He's very food motivated so both methods are very effective.  He is eager to listen and follow direction which makes the training that much more successful.  Consistency is key.  In addition to training and consistent positive reinforcement of desired behaviors; Rigby is on medication.  He takes 15mg of fluoxetine (Prozac) daily.



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