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Ace D161099
Labrador Retriever / Pointer / Mixed (short coat) :: Male (neutered) :: Young
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
Ace D161099
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Ace D161099

Name: Ace 
Age: Approximate DOB 3/15/16
Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador Retriever/Pointer mix
Weight: 20 pounds
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
House trained: In progress
Crate trained: Yes
Energy level: Puppy
History: Surrender in MO
Adoption Fee: $350

From the Foster:

Drum roll please! 

Hey everyone, meet Ace!

Ace is one of a kind. He is the happiest dog I’ve ever met. He rushes to greet everyone and gets along great with dogs, cats, and kiddos of all sizes. He loves to cuddle with both his human and doggy companions alike, and is full of adorable puppy antics. If Ace were to list his favorite things, I think he would choose the following:  Chewing on toys, sitting in laps, eating bones stuffed with yummy cheese, and playing keep away with his ball.

At five months old, Ace knows how to sit and stay. We are working on down, shake and (of course) no-no. 

There is something special about Ace that his adoptive family should know – he was born deaf.

Don’t click away yet! I know what you’re thinking, “I bet it would be hard to own a deaf dog!” Well, in honor of Ace, and all the deserving deaf dogs out there – here are the top 5 reasons owning a deaf dog is actually awesome.

1.       Thunderstorms? Fireworks? Screaming kids? Construction? Ace is always cool as a cucumber. He will be the life of the party – and he’ll never tell you to turn the music down.

2.       Imagine it’s 4 a.m.  and you need to get out of bed to grab a drink of water or use the restroom. A hearing dog would interpret this as “time to wake up!” Not with Ace. Get up, talk on the phone, or whistle your favorite tune. When you return to bed, he will still be there totally zonked out.

3.       Likewise, when you come home with arms full of groceries, you don’t need to worry about your deaf dog going bonkers the second they hear you walk in the door. Come on in, set down your things – then go show Ace you’re home. He’ll be so happy to see you.

4.       We’ve all done it – put our dogs in their kennel and left the house only to realize we have forgotten our keys. No worries, march back in the house (as long as you aren’t in eye sight) Ace will never know you came back in. No howling. No guilt.

5.       You can re-name Ace whatever you want. Maybe you’re inspired by cute names like Captain Cuddles or Sergeant Dimples – or perhaps Beast the Brute is more your speed. Ace won’t mind what name you give him as long as you call him yours.

See – deaf dogs are the best! 

I have no doubt Ace will bring endless joy to his new forever family. In order to make him as happy as possible, it would be great if his new family had one of the following as a great outlet for his energy:

·    A fenced in yard to romp around in – Ace is a typical puppy and gets the “zoomies” once a night.

·    Another friendly doggy friend – This will make training Ace so much easier. Just call your dog, and Ace will follow.

·    An active lifestyle – Ace loves playing, walking, running, swimming – you name it! He doesn’t love being cooped up in a kennel for eight hours every day.

Please consider Ace, or other dogs like him. By adopting a dog with a “disability,” you’ll be an advocate for dogs everywhere who need a bit of extra love to become the perfect pet. Being different is beautiful – Ace is living proof.

All dogs are in individual foster homes throughout the Twin Cities.

I f you would like to meet/adopt this animal or anyone else, then please fill out an adoption application at and the foster(s) will be in touch!  Keep in mind that there may be multiple applicants applying for the same animal(s).  You only need to complete 1 application for multiple animals that you're interested in.
Note   - We change an animal's listing to say "PENDING ADOPTION" when they already had a meet and greet with a family who plans to adopt that animal.  We put "NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS" on a listing when an animal has multiple applications in and the foster has asked to stop accepting any more while they review the applications they've already received.

If you would like to be a foster for Secondhand Hounds, then please fill out a foster application,   You can choose the type of animal you'd like to foster and we will supply everything you need (food, collar, bowls, crate, etc.) while the animal is in your care.

Thanks for your interest in Secondhand Hounds!

About Ace D161099

  • D161099
  • Adopted!
  • Dog
  • White
  • Coatlength: Short
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Kids
  • Good with Adults
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly