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Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat) :: Female (not spayed) :: Baby
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Wanna be yours


Name: Wanda    Best Guess for Breed: Lab Mix

Best Guess for Age: 10-12 weeks as of 1 FEB 2018  SEX: FEMALE

Approximate Weight: 12LBS AS OF 1 FEB 2018

Has Lived With: OTHER DOGS

Currently Living at: dc foster

Special adoption considerations: SPECIAL NEEDS  PUPPY. Wanda has complete vision loss and is blind. She will need to go to a home full of patience and willing to undertake the special needs a puppy with her condition will require. Young Puppy. Due to the tender age of a young puppy they cannot go to home where they are left for more than 2-3 hours at a time. Adopters who are away from the home for the standard 8+ hour work day will need to provide proof of a multiple times a day dog walking commitment prior to adoption.

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I WANNA BE YOURS, SO WANNA give me a forever home???

Oh how I'd like to take long walks and hit up all the happenin' dog parks. Just thinking about it gets my tail all wiggly waggly.

How about you enroll me in some doggie schoolin'...I can't wait to impress you with all my doggie smarts!


"She doesn't let the fact that she cannot see slow her down at all! She was shy at first and now she has come out of her shell. She wrestles with her siblings and even initiates the play tussles! She LOVES human snuggles and play. She will also need some good rope toys as targets for her puppy chewing as opposed to human arms and ears. Boy does she LOVE to nuzzle ears!

She uses her excellent sense of smell and hearing to navigate her new world. We have started naming things to keep from startling her. We say "dinner" as we put down each meal so she can make it to her food bowl at the same time as her sighted siblings, "pets" before touching her, and "housekeeping" when we are going to enter the puppy area to clean up."

Whattya say friend...WILL YA give me a chance?? Well get to filling out that app already...I'm waiting.

Wanda is a special needs puppy. She is blind and will need to go to a home with adopters committed to meeting her special needs.

This puppy is not old enough to have had all of their vaccines.  It will be your responsibility, as the adopter, to ensure that the remaining puppy vaccines are given at the appropriate time.  Please also keep in mind that, until your puppy is fully vaccinated, they is at greater risk for illness than an adult dog.   

Due to their young age, this puppy has not yet been spayed or neutered.  As part of the adoption contract, it will be your responsibility, as the adopter, to ensure that this is done no later than 15 MAY 18.   

Like most puppies, this puppy will need to work on their housetraining. The puppy will also need to go to obedience school so they can grow into a well-socialized dog! 

The adoption fee for this dog is $400, which includes the cost of routine vetting and transport from the shelter. If you are interested in adopting, please download our Adoption Questionnaire and email it to Tanya at 

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About Wanda

  • FLRN-FD-18-0313
  • Adopted!
  • Dog
  • Yellow
  • Coatlength: Short
  • Good with Dogs
  • Up-to-date with Vaccines
  • More About Wanda

    Not Housetrained
    Contact Name: Tanya Johnson
    Contact Email: