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Pomeranian / Chow Chow / Mixed (long coat) :: Male (neutered) :: Senior
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HOSPICE 3/6/2020

If you would like to provide this dog a loving home, please fill out a pre-adoption application. 

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Name: Moby
Breed: Pomeranian - Chow Mix
Age: 11.5 Years
Size: Small   19 lbs   ~Small: Up to 25 lbs.
Adoption Donation:
$200 (applicable sales tax included). Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check
Other:  Neutered Male, vaccinations current, Microchip, Medication ( * See below)

**  Moby qualifies for our Seniors for Seniors Program.  This program places senior dogs (age 8 or older) with senior citizens (age 65 or older) at a reduced adoption fee of $65.00.  If you qualify and are interested in participating in this program, please fill out an application online and type "SENIOR" after your name.




Moby is looking for a really comfy bed to land...oh and lots of love!




Foster Home Feedback

      Moby has Hypothyroidism. He requires daily medication to manage this.  He is on Thyrosin 0.4mg twice a day.  This medication costs around $18.00 per month.  He will also require a blood test to make sure the medications are effective, this test is required every 6-12 months depending on the Veterinarian.   Moby has been diagnosed with IVDD,  or intervertebral disc disease, primarily in his lower back.  He will require pain medications.  He is on Carprofen, ¼ of a 75mg tablet every 12 hours.  This medication is $15.00 per month. He is also on Gabapentin 100mg twice a day, this medication is $18.00 per month.

Moby’s Allergies require Apoquil to control the itch; he requires 3mg once a day.  The cost of this medication is $75.00 per month.   Moby also has Cushing's Disease (a result of chronic overproduction of excess hormones from the adrenal glands) and will require daily medication (Vetoryl 20mg twice a day).  This medication cost $178.00 per month.  He will also be required to have an ACTH Stimulation test every 6-12 months as recommended by his veterinarian to make sure that his medication levels are regulated.  This test costs about $150.00. 

~ These prices are approximate and may change based on your veterinarian.  The adopter understands that this will all need to be provided at their cost.

1/7/2020: Not much changes in Moby's world, and he seems to appreciate his routine.  He usually eats a light breakfast accompanied by his seven morning pills individually nestled in liverwurst. About 12 hours later, he eats a good supper and takes his six evening pills wrapped in American cheese. During the day, and after supper, he enjoys his nap time. Moby greets me enthusiastically at the door when I come home for lunch, perhaps in anticipation of the treat he will get before I leave to go back to work.  We have narrowed down his favorites, so he's always up at treat time.  Forgoing the many available dog beds, he still sleeps on the floor overnight, just a little closer to the heat register now that it's winter.

After a flurry of public appearances at various fundraisers, Moby has cut back a bit for the winter.  He was featured on a Fargo Brewery beer can and posed with ballerinas for the F-M Ballet/4 Luv 2020 fundraising calendar (he loved the ballerinas; he's a real lady's dog).  He has also attended multiple Adoption Days where being so handsome and charming cut into his afternoon nap time.  He would always be up for a one-on-one meeting, though.  He is a man of few needs - food, medicine, naps, brief trips to the yard, and, yes, belly bands.  He wears them, he rocks them, and he'll always need them...he's okay with that.

Moby received a grooming gift card for Christmas from a generous secret Santa, so once he is all spruced up, we will post some newer pictures to admire.  He always puts his best self forward, in looks, behavior, and sweetness.

8/31/19: Moby has spent his time since his last feedback being diagnosed and treated for some issues that were challenging for him and puzzling to us.  Since starting on his additional medications and having a few chiropractic treatments, his fur has been growing back thick and luxurious, he has gained a little weight, and he seems to feel better.  A few times he has even raced and raced around the back yard like a dog half his age.  Moby's back allows for running but makes it difficult for him to navigate stairs gracefully, so he would do best in a single-story home.

Because Moby takes so many pills and is selective about his diet, I have had to get creative with ways to hide his medicine.  He will eat pills hidden in liverwurst, American cheese coated in peanut butter, string cheese, and hot dog chunks.  Which ones he prefers depends on the day.  He wants no part of Pill Pockets, as he is too wise to fall for that.  He is a complex soul.

Moby continues to need a belly band for incontinence issues.  The cost for the men's incontinence pads at Target or Walmart is around $9.50 for 52 pads.  If he is let out regularly, he uses fewer than five a day.  He is still mellow about the putting on and removal of the band for going outside...and about most things in general.

I still have not heard Moby bark like most dogs bark.  He is unperturbed by noises and delighted by anyone coming to the door.  He is not a watchdog. Moby loves to help with chores like mowing and vacuuming.  He either wants to be in front to show the way or trail beside or behind to show support.  Either way, it's best to be nimble enough not to trip over him as he changes positions.  The vet has suggested that if he goes on walks, he should be in a harness to cause less stress on his neck.  In a fenced yard, just walk around and he will get his exercise following along.  Mostly, he likes to relax and snooze.

Even when encouraged, Moby still doesn't get up on furniture or laps.  His way of showing affection is to rub against one's legs like a cat.  He likes to be petted and cuddled until he doesn't, and then he just walks away.  He has no interest in toys and no resource guarding tendencies.

While it's true that adopting Moby would dent one's wallet, it would also melt one's heart.  On the surface, there are his beautiful brown eyes and silky soft coat.  Inside is a sweet, tender nature and loving spirit patiently waiting for his people.


4/1/19: Moby has been with me for about five weeks now, and I am still learning his ways.  When he first arrived, he was having anxiety issues that required medication.  Turns out, the best "medicine" was having 25 bad teeth removed.  He still has occasional mild anxiety, but he just paces for a little while until it passes.  He spends a lot of time stretched out and relaxing.  It has helped him a lot to have other dogs in the house with Moby, so it would be ideal if his new home had at least one canine companion for him.   

Oh, Moby is a very sweet and gentle soul.  He will often follow me around just to be near me.  It's flattering, but can be a tripping hazard, so a new family should be steady on their feet and know to watch out for him.  He can also be a bit clumsy.  What he has never been is aggressive or reactive.  I have heard him bark once, outside, where he loves to spend time just looking around.

Moby is on thyroid medication, which he takes with his meals twice a day.  I have learned that he does best with his food dish elevated so he can be a neater eater.  He also needs a rug under him or he tends to slide around and lose his balance.  

While Moby has never pooped in the house, he does need to wear a belly band with a men's incontinence pad in it.  I'm not sure that it's a training issue. He may not be aware enough to signal when he needs to go out.  He often stays dry overnight.  He tolerates the changing of the pad well, and he gets extra cuddles for that.  We have a "Belly Band Man" ditty he recognizes.  If he accidentally wanders off when he comes in from outside,  he comes back to get his band put on when he hears it. 

Moby has never gotten up on furniture, even when invited, and he sleeps either on the floor or his cushy dog bed by my bed.  He actually seems to prefer the hardwood floor.  He shows no interest in lap-sitting but does come over and rub against my legs wanting to be petted.  Moby likes to ride in the car but can be a little unstable because he prefers to stand. He can be persuaded to sit or lie down.   

Because of his thyroid medication and being able to eat well without his bad teeth, Moby's hair is growing back in spots where he had lost it.  He still has a ways to go, but his appearance should continue to improve.  His fur is quite soft and his coloring is beautiful.  Moby is hoping someone very special can overlook his challenges, appreciate what a good and handsome dog he is, take him home, and love him.

* Hypothyroidism Link

* Cushings Disease Link

* IVDD Link 

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