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American Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed :: Male (neutered) :: Young
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Sailor, oh Sailor! Sailor's main goal in life is to make people happy! He LOVES everyone he meets. This dog has NEVER met a stranger despite his rough start early on in life. He was hit by a car in his OWN driveway by his OWN people when he was just 8 weeks old! The accident broke both of his back legs. Sailor was set to be euthanized because his people could not afford the expensive surgery to repair his legs. The wonderful people at Ring Dog Rescue were able to save this little puppy and paid to have his legs repaired once his previous people reliquished ownership. One of his legs healed on its own, however, the other was repaired with metal rods and screws which are still in this leg to this day. This sometimes causes him to favor his back leg. During the 5 months he has been in his foster home he has gained 15 pounds and now weighs in at 65 pounds! Sailor's boss is a 15 year old 10 pound Chihuahua mix who makes sure to keep Sailor in his place. Sailor is EXCELLENT with other dogs. He easily and willingly submits to his 10 pound doggy friend and knows when he has had enough. His favorite thing to do is play with dogs his size so he can wrestle around with them and give them sloppy dog kisses. Sailor currently shares his foster home with a cat but he gets way too excited when he sees her and tries to play with her like she is a chew toy which, needless to say, does not make the cat happy, so the cat stays seperate from Sailor. Sailor may do best in a home without a cat or a cat that will let him know who's boss! While Sailor's foster mom does not have any kids at home, he has been around small children at family gatherings and goes on daily walks by a daycare and he absolutely adores children! He likes to give them big kisses and let them pet him all over and give him lots of love. Because of his size he may need to go with an older child only because he doesn't realize how strong he is and could easily knock down a small child. Sailor could use a little leash work as he gets so excited when he meets people he tends to jump all over them and twist his leash all around them. Sailor is housebroken and even shares his food with his doggy friend without any problems. He has a very sensitive stomach and MUST remain on a chicken and rice diet to avoid any stomach upset. Sailor prefers to lounge on the couch when his foster mom is at work instead of staying in a crate. No need to worry, Sailor is a perfect angel and likes to watch the Golden Girls until his foster mom gets home to take him on his walk. Sailor is such a WONDERFUL dog and will make a remarkable companion for some lucky family or person! His foster mom will miss him dearly! Everyone needs a 65 pound Sailor in their life! Apply to adopt him today!   Please fill out an application to meet this wonderful boy today!!!!

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