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American Eskimo Dog (long coat) :: Male (neutered) :: Adult
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Name: Cosmo
Breed: Miniature American Eskimo
Age: 9 Years
Size:  Medium
Adoption Donation: $150
Other:  Neutered Male, vaccinations current


Cosmo is a friendly and happy dog! We are recommending a no child(ren) household for him. Cosmo does get along with dogs and cats and is excited to find his forever home! See Cosmo's new pictures courtesy  Photography by Tierney    Thanks Tierney!

Also, here is a video made of Cosmo:
Foster Home Feedback

September 19th: Cosmo is waiting patiently for his new family to find him. People are hesitant to adopt an older dog, and that is unfortunate. Older dogs like Cosmo are great because they are already trained and they do not have endless puppy energy. Cosmo is 100 percent housebroken and kennel trained and he already knows commands like sit, stay, down and come. I usually leave him loose in the house when I am not home, and he sleeps in his kennel at night. Cosmo has several healthy years ahead. He is in great shape and looks very youthful. I had him on a strict weight loss program over the summer - very few treats and lots of walks. Cosmo is now a fit and lean guy! There is no fat under all that fluff! He is upset with me because I don't give him a lot of treats. When he does get a treat, he will do all kinds of tricks like stand on his hind legs, back up or spin in a circle. He can also catch a treat in mid air. He will also do a lot of "talking" if you encourage it.

I am continuing to take Cosmo to obedience classes. He is working on passing the Canine Good Citizen test where dogs must prove they are well behaved in public settings. We are working on meeting new dogs and people politely, walking calmly through a crowd and accepting random surprises such as people in wheelchairs or sudden loud noises. Cosmo loves his "work" and the instructor of the class even suggested that Cosmo would be a good candidate to visit nursing homes. As I've said many times, Cosmo is a very calm and well-behaved dog in the house. He shows a lot of excitement at meals and when we go for walks or play games of tug. He gets along really well with my lab mix, but they do not like to play or cuddle together. They just follow me around or hang out. He is also very tolerant of my cats. They will bat him in the face or tail, and he just ignores them or gets out of the way.

Cosmo is meeting all kinds of new people and dogs of all ages. He is good with kids when they understand how to behave around dogs, but he does not like it when strange kids run up to him or reach for his face. He also tends to growl at new dogs when he is on a leash. After the initial greeting, he does just fine.


August 9th: I've had Cosmo for a few months now, and he is the best behaved foster dog I've ever had! Someone better adopt this boy soon because I am starting to get attached!

Cosmo doesn't need to stay in a kennel when I am gone. He has never chewed anything. He has never had an accident. He has never caused trouble with my other pets (lab mix and two cats). He doesn't bark. Cosmo would do just fine hanging out at home while people are at work. He enjoys his down time. And if you want to leave him in a kennel, he doesn't cry or bark at all. He likes to hide out in his quiet "den."

Cosmo is a great dog to have around. He is very low energy indoors. He comes over for attention when I'm sitting on the couch or when I talk to him. He likes to beg when I'm eating, so I've taught him to stay out of the kitchen when the humans are eating. He dramatically walks over to the place where our kitchen floor turns to the living room carpet and plops down. He also knows to sit and stay while I get his food ready.

Cosmo knows commands for sit, stay and down. He can also catch a treat while standing on his hind legs! I'm teaching him to come when called by using lots of treats and his favorite squeaky toy. He used to run the other way when I called him. Now he comes running to me! That's nice to see.

Sometimes Cosmo is nervous around kids. That's his main downside. When kids want to pet him, I have them pet his back. He has met lots of adults and dogs and he does well. Sometimes he growls or barks at strangers on walks. This is because he's afraid, so he tries to put on his "tough guy" attitude. But Cosmo is not tough at all. He's a big baby! He lets my dog take his food and toys and he lets my cats push him around. If I raise my voice, he feels bad. He does not need harsh corrections. He's too sensitive for that.

Cosmo's favorite thing (other than treats) is to go for a walk! He loves walks. I'm still using a Gentle Leader with him and teaching him not to pull. He also loves belly rubs and back scratches. He loves to be brushed. With all that hair, you'd think he would shed a lot, but he doesn't. There is tons of black lab hair on my floors but hardly any American Eskimo fur. And Cosmo keeps his coat very clean somehow.

Cosmo is a sweet boy who deserves a loving home!

Here is a blog post I wrote about Cosmo:

July 1st: Cosmo has been at my house for more than a month now and he fits right in. He likes to spend his days napping downstairs where it's the coolest. He loves to go for walks, but he doesn't bother me if he hasn't gotten his walk. He just patiently waits.

Cosmo loves attention. He rolls over for belly rubs or comes over and nudges me because he wants me to scratch his neck or back. He loves to be brushed, so I try to brush him for at least a few minutes every day. With so much fur, you'd think he would need a lot of grooming, but he doesn't. I've gone a few weeks without brushing him at all and his coat never gets matted. It doesn't seem to get very dirty, either. And he doesn't have any kind of "dog odor" like most dogs.

Cosmo never barks in his kennel now that he knows my routine. Even when people ring the doorbell, he might bark once or twice but then he is quiet. Another plus is that if I leave him loose, he doesn't get into anything and he doesn't have accidents. He just takes a nap! I like to leave him in his kennel though because he seems to enjoy some time in his safe, cozy den.

Cosmo has been going to obedience classes where he gets to be the "demo dog" and show the others in the class what to do. He loves the attention when we go to "work." He is very treat motivated so it's easy to get his attention and guide him. He is working on all the basics like sit, come, down and stay. He heels very well in the class setting but on outdoor walks I've been using the Gentle Leader with him.

I'm trying to teach Cosmo that when people reach over him it's because they want to pet him or give him treats, not hurt him. I'm also teaching him to take treats from my hand gently - he loves his treats and gets very excited! He no longer barks at me when I get out the treats because he knows I only feed him if he's quiet.

Cosmo is one sweet, lazy dog who would do well in a quiet home. He would not appreciate a puppy climbing all over him and wanting to play all the time. But he likes hanging out with adult dogs who understand some boundaries. He also does wonderful around cats.


May 26th:  I have been taking care of Cosmo this week and I have a lot of good things to say about him!

First of all, Cosmo is content to just lie around the house. He doesn't obsessively follow me around like most dogs, which is nice. He has no separation anxiety issues whatsoever. I love that he's not full of crazy energy! However, he's always willing to go for a walk, anytime! He loves his walks. He is nine years old, but he doesn't look his age. I think he has many more years of love to give. I would've guessed his age to be about five or six.

Cosmo is very good with my lab mix and my cats. He has been very respectful of all of them, and he never challenges them. He has no food aggression or possessive issues. He would do just fine in a home with cats or dogs. At times, I believe he has felt some stress around new dogs that come charging up to his face, but he does fine as long as they are introduced calmly.

Another great thing about Cosmo - he is quiet in his kennel! Good boy, Cosmo! He seems to appreciate his down time in his kennel. He will bark when I come home, just to remind me that he's there but that's about it. He's been sleeping in his kennel at night without a peep.

Also, Cosmo is housebroken - always a plus! And he has no interest in chewing anything that's not his. He also stays off the furniture.

Now for the things Cosmo does need work on. He needs a moment to warm up to strangers. He does best if you just ignore him initially and then let him sniff your hand. Cosmo warmed up to me immediately and he lets me pet him and snuggle with him. The reason we are recommending a home without small kids is because he does feel threatened when new people reach for his face or neck, and that's what kids like to do. We don't want to put him in that situation.

He still needs some work on his commands. He sure knows how to sit, but he doesn't stay sitting for very long. I'm going to teach him that sit means "sit and keep sitting." :) He also needs to learn some self control around food and treats. He gets very excited and barks - "hurry up!" And he tries to grab treats from your hand.

April 4th: I was able to take Cosmo to Pet Days at Tractor Supply Company(TSC) as well as Meet the Dogs at Petsmart. Cosmo warmed up to me very quickly and he became my buddy of the day. He is quite the lover once he gets to know you. Cosmo does well with most other dogs, but does need a proper introduction to them and an adjustment period. Cosmo will make a great pet for someone who is looking for a loyal companion! (Volunteer Feedback)

December 29th:  We’ve had Cosmo for one day, and we’re in love!  He’s a sweetie with a great temperament.  He likes chilling near his spot by his crate.  Cosmo is great in the house; he is moderately good at “kenneling up” and he is very respectful of the properties of humans.  He also seems to have been trained to not go down the stairs, because he doesn’t follow us down into the basement; he seems to be content to stay on the main floor of our rambler. 

Cosmo is completely house trained, and waits to go to the bathroom till he is in the back yard or on a walk.  We have been bringing him all the way back to our fence to go to the bathroom, and so far he has had no problem with this while on a leash.  We will see if he will keep going there while not on a leash in the coming days.  While in the back yard, he loves to bury his head in the snow. 

Cosmo loves to go outside for walks, but he is very strong willed on a leash.  He has not been trained to heel, and will try to lead you on the leash.  We are working on having him walk at the side of or behind us.  We are also working on making Cosmo sit and stay before he goes out the door and before he comes in the house, so that we can go in and out before Cosmo. 

Cosmo isn’t very good at commands.  He knows how to sit, but he really wants to see you point at or touch his hind quarters to do this.  He needs work on the command “stay.”  This is mostly because Cosmo gets so excited to play.  It is easy to tell that Cosmo has not had to earn his treats because he will occasionally growl when he sees a treat in your hand, but he doesn’t want to complete a command to get the treat first.  We are working on the “Nothing in life is free” method of training, so Cosmo needs to do a command before he gets treats or attention.  So far, he gets lots of praise if he sits on command.  Cosmo also needs to learn the “come” command. 

Cosmo can't wait to find his forever home and will make someone very happy!


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