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Fritz *special needs*
Shih Tzu :: Male (neutered) :: Senior
Fritz *special needs*
Fritz *special needs*
Fritz *special needs*
Fritz *special needs*
Fritz *special needs*
Fritz *special needs*
Fritz *special needs*
Fritz *special needs*
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Fritz *special needs*

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Name: Fritz
Age: ~9 years
Gender: Male
Breed: Shih Tzu
Weight: 8 lbs
Dog friendly: Yes, and should go to a home with another calm and friendly dog
Cat friendly: TBD, but I am sure he would be  just fine
Kid friendly: Most likely, but should not go to a home with children as he is easily startled and just learning to trust calm and predictable adults.
Housetrained: In progress, does great with a belly band. His new home will have to be patient and understand his background.
Crate trained: Yes, loves to lay in his crate with the door open during the day.
Energy level: Low
History: One of 35 dogs seized when a  puppy mill/kennel was shut down in Joplin, MO
Adoption Fee: $200

From his foster: "Sweet little Fritz came from a puppy mill in Missouri that was shut down in November. He spent his whole life there and because of this, he is just now learning about what life is like in a home. He is not able to go up or down stairs and he is working on his housebreaking. Fritz is a super mellow little guy who would LOVE to have a family of his own where he can be a pet and not a product. Even though he comes from a bad situation, he likes people and is happy to be loved. Fritz has been learning how to play with toys, and starting to even try to play with me. When he gets really excited he likes to play bow and run around. This usually happens when I first get home from work and he is super excited to see me :)

Because Fritz is not able to do stairs, he will need to be in a home where someone can carry him up and down the stairs, and where barriers like baby gates or doors will prevent him from falling down a flight of stairs. He does not understand the concept at all at this point, and will tumble down them. Frizty also has a condition called "dry eye" and needs eyes drops daily for this. The cost of the drops is about $40/month, and should be taken in to consideration when considering adoption. He is a very good patient and does not mind me putting the drops in. As mentioned above, Fritz is working on his housebreaking. He does a fairly good job with it and to compensate for his shortcomings, he wears a "belly band" when walking around the house. A "belly band" is a cloth band that wraps around his waist and prevents him from eliminating on the carpet or floors. He knows to potty outside and will go everytime he is brought out to the yard. He seems to know that he should not eliminate solid waste in the house, and has been very good about doing that outside... so he's getting the hang of it! But after 9 years in a kennel or not being taught any rules, it will take some time for little Fritzy to figure out the new potty expectations. He will also need to figure out leash walking, so a fenced in yard is necessary until he is comfortable on a leash.

Fritz likes to lounge in his kennel with the door open, and sleeps in it at night. Because Fritz is more comfortable with other dogs than with people, Fritz would do best with another calm and friendly dog to show him the ropes, to help him feel at home, and to possibly even cuddle with. (He would LOVE to be adopted with his foster brother Snickers!) He also seems to be more confident and comfortable with women than men. (Though he would be fine in a home with a patient and gentle man.) Fritz is likely fine with children, but should be in a home without them as he is just now learning to trust calm and predictable adults. Fritz makes a good lap warmer and will make you smile as he figures out his new and improved life as a beloved family member. Fritz will need someone loving and patient who is willing to take on a challenge and reap the rewards of watching him blossom along the way."

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About Fritz *special needs*

  • D120057
  • Adopted!
  • Dog
  • White with Gray or Silver
  • Ear Type: Natural/Uncropped
  • Not Active
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Shedding: None
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Older/Considerate Kids Only
  • Good with Adults
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Up-to-date with Vaccines
  • Has Special Needs
  • More About Fritz *special needs*

    Not HousetrainedExercise not NeededLow EnergyRequires a YardFence RequiredIndoor OnlyTimidDoes Good in the Car