Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue pet through The Rescue Crew. Completion of an adoption application demonstrates your interest in a pet; it is not a binding contract, so you're under no obligatin nore does it guarantee adoption.

A volunteer will process your Adoption Application, which typically entails conducting a basic public background check, vet check to confirm any resident pets are up-to-date and altered and, if you rent, confirming your landlord's pet policy. We make every effort to be as expeditious as possible as we understand how excited you must be about the possibility of bringing home a new friend.  On average, this will take us five days but is dependent upon weekends, holidays and personal obligations our volunteer(s) may have. We promise that we'll work as fast as we can.

Once your application is processed, it is sent along to the pet(s) foster caregiver for review and, if the pet is still in need and your home appears to be a good fit, they will reach out to you to chat about the pet and schedule a mutually convenient time for you to be able to meet and interact with the animal.

It is not uncommon , especially for highly desirable breeds, as well as puppies and kittens, that we may have multiple applications submitted within a short period of time. We do our best to denote on our website if "multiple applications" have been received or if we're "no longer accepting applications." You'll see these designations next to the pet's name on our website. Please keep in mind that the foster may be meeting with multiple applicants. We ask fosters to make every effort to reach out to potential adopters within 48 hours, but it could take as as long as 5-7 days  


At times our email responses may end up going to you "junk/spam" folder. If you haven't received a response back from us within 5-7 days, please remember to check your juk emal folder and then email us at if still no response is found.