Thank you for your interest in adopting with us!

Rescue Ranch makes every effort to find the best match for both the dog and the adopter. We are all about working with you to find the perfect companion.


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Have you already visited these dogs or are you planning a visit? (Some dogs might require multiple visits)

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What Are You Looking For In A Dog?

What are you looking for in this dog, or any other dog?
Please be specific.
We want to make sure we find the best fit for you!

What brings you to want to adopt a dog? (Companion for self? Family? Other Pets? Children? Service Animal? Home Defense?) Please Explain.

Please tell us your skill level with handling dogs.
0= No experience and willing to learn!
1= Some dog experience, I used to or currently own a dog.
3= I am an experienced dog handler and can work with most dogs.
5= I can handle any dog in any situation, I am very confident.

These numbers are only meant as guides, please also explain your experiences to help us help you find the right dog!

All dogs need time to adjust to a new environment. The first 3 days the dog will be settling in, the first 3 weeks learning the rules of the home, and the first 3 months fine tuning their lifestyle. Are you ready for potty accidents, hair, chewed items?

How often will the dog be WITHOUT human companionship?

How will the dog spend most of its day? Please explain.


Home Environment

Who lives in your home? Cats? Other dogs? Children (please provide their ages)? Seniors? etc. Are the dogs spayed and neutered?

Living Arrangements: Please tell us what type of housing you have.
eg: House, Apartment, Motorhome, Condo. Is it Rural, city, a ranch etc. Do you Own or Rent?

Please tell us about the area outside your home. Fenced or unfenced yard? Porch? Kennel? Acreage? etc. Please Explain.

If you go away for a few days, who will take care of your dog?



Rescue Ranch is committed to helping you and your new best friend stay together. We offer free in home consultations, written materials, and free Sunday training at Rescue Ranch from 9am to 11am. Would you take advantage of our services if needed?

Who is your Veterinarian?

Do you have any other references? Please list their name and number. Please do not use members of your own household.

If you become unable to care for your dog, what provision will you make for them? Please explain.

Have you ever rehomed, surrendered a pet to a rescue? Have you ever had dog put to sleep for any reason besides heath issues? Please explain.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?


Anyone who adopts through Rescue Ranch is required to sign an adoption agreement that sets out the terms of the adoption. The agreement exists to protect the interests of the dog and to ensure that should the adopter be unable to care for or retain the dog at any time in the future, the adopter would return the dog to Rescue Ranch and would not ever transfer the dog to another party without authorization from Rescue Ranch.