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Thank you for your interest in a rescue! We aim to have your application pre-screened within 72 hours, but it can take up to a full week to fully process your application. We do not screen new applications over the weekend.

Email with any questions



Once your application has been received, our pre-screening team will contact your vet and/or personal references. We may email you with further questions during the pre-screen process. If you pass this part, then you will be assigned to an adoption counselor who will contact you via telephone* for a short interview. Please be careful to answer each question fully and let your references know they will be contacted so we can quickly process your application.

*Keep in mind that you'll be getting a call from an unfamiliar number and be sure to check your phone messages and email spam folder!


To avoid submission errors, fill out on a desktop or laptop. The application may give errors if filled out on a tablet or smart phone. Please email if you have any issues.

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Note - CPR very rarely takes in dogs under 1 year old. Our specialty is working with adult dogs. Adult dogs bring many wonderful attributes to your relationship and are always grateful for a second chance at a wonderful life.


Pets Current & Previous


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Carolina Poodle Rescue requires at least two personal references. These should NOT be family members, groomers, or veterinarians. They should be pet owners themselves and/or should have some knowledge of how you interact around animals.

Please list these references along with phone numbers (include the area codes) and/or email addresses.

Please tell your references that a CPR volunteer will be contacting them. We cannot process your application if your references do not respond to our calls and/or emails.

If you have current or previous pets, CPR requires a veterinary reference. Please list the name, full address and phone number (with area code) of your veterinarian. If you have used more than one veterinarian, specify which pet(s) is a client with each specific veterinarian. List all veterinarians involved in the care of each pet and include the approximate date range during which care was provided. If this dog is not for the applicant, please also provide the name and address of the person on whose behalf you are applying; we must have the name so that the appropriate account can be found. PLEASE TELL YOUR VET THAT A CPR VOLUNTEER WILL BE CALLING THEM.

Please give three good days/times to contact you by phone, and a phone number to use.